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David Morales arrested on suspicion of MDMA possession

The US legend was detained whilst travelling on tour in Japan...

David Morales has reportedly been arrested on suspicion of being in possession of MDMA – the psychoactive chemical in ecstasy – in Japan, police have allegedly confirmed.

The US icon is said to have been detained at Fukoka airport in southern Japan whilst on tour.

Authorities reportedly found 0.3grams of MDMA in Morales’ hold luggage. Speaking about the incident, a police spokesman said, "He was arrested for allegedly violating the law on narcotics and psychotropics control."

A local newspaper, the Sankei, reported that Morales denied the allegations. He allegedly claimed, "It's not mine. [Someone] might have tried to frame me."

Japan is known for its “zero-tolerance” drug policy, with possession of MDMA for personal use carrying a maximum jail sentence of seven years and a three million yen fine (almost £20,000), regardless of the quantity.