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The much-loved Ibiza club is allegedly under threat

Potential bad news for Ibiza fans: famed Spanish nightclub DC-10 may be forced to close for the entirety of 2016, according to Spanish website, Diario De Ibiza

The closure follows an initial ruling made by the Ibiza council in 2008, in which the famed nightspot was forced to close for a year following overcrowding in its balcony area and licensing issues. 

Since then, DC-10 has been on probation, with the island council revisiting the original ruling earlier this week, before deciding to shut the club's doors for yet another 12 months in 2016, though it is still unclear what the exact legal issue is.

DC-10 has since appealed the decision and the fine has been reduced, though the club is allegedly still set to close for the rest of the year as a result of the ruling.  

If this news is true, it's a devastating blow to Ibiza's clubbing culture, with DC-10 currently hosting popular club nights including Paradise and Circoloco. 

Read the full statement here