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Deadmau5 admits to frustration when writing music

EDM superstar is no different than the rest of us…

Music production can be a difficult and complex task at the best of times, and even those at the top of the tree get frustrated sometimes. Deadmau5 is one such individual. 

The EDM superstar is renowned for being one of his genre’s most technically accomplished producers, so it’s particularly refreshing to hear the Mau5trap owner admit that he, much like the rest of us, is often bogged down with frustrations when he’s trying to be at his most creative. 

During his online masterclass, deadmau5 retains a cool and relaxed demeanour, but it’s equally encouraging to see him speak out about suffering with frustration. That said, we don’t doubt that this is only temporary and are already looking forward to his new album

Watch deadmau5 get frustrated below: