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Deadmau5 takes delivery of his latest car

Canadian producer is now the proud owner of a BAC Mono...

Deadmau5 has always had the taste for fast cars and after selling his P1 to fund his new live show, the Canadian DJ and producer has just taken delivery of his latest ride: a British-made BAC Mono.

Obstensibly a track-day car, the BAC Mono has the power to rearrange your face thanks to its incredible power-to-weight ratio, which can be seen below when Jeremy Clarkson tested the track-day car a few years ago on old Top Gear.

When it comes to mod cons, the BAC Mono is a little sparse, there's no radio, there's no roof and there's no air-conditioning — it's basically the ultimate single seater with a fancy steering wheel and a race-tuned chassis built by a small British company on a light industrial estate in Liverpool.

Deadmau5 also sold his McLaren P1 to pay for his newest stage design, Cube 2.1.

Check out some snaps of his new car below.