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Denon DJ announce Prime 4 all-in-one unit: Watch

It's the first all-in-one unit for the Prime range…

Denon DJ have announced the Prime 4, an all-in-one DJ unit for their Prime range. The four-channel box features a 10-inch touch screen, two jog wheels with the recognisable centre-screens from the SC range, eight performance pads per deck, four USB inputs and 14 on-board effects.

Denon DJ have also added a Zone Output, a completely independent out that can be assigned a different playlist or feed for another room or area. There's also a 2.5" hard drive slot to make the unit truly standalone, with a lot more hard drive space without the fragility of USB or SD. The mixer works in standalone mode too, with four assignable inputs, two of which are phono for turntables. 

Denon DJ Prime 4 rear

Prime 4 has borrowed the acclaimed timestretching and pitch-shifting algorithms from its bigger brother the SC5000 and their StangelinQ technology means you can control lighting and visuals directly from the unit. 

It's out in March at a price of $1,699.