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Denon DJ announce SC6000 Prime media player

Denon DJ's new announcement is an update to their award-winning SC5000

Denon DJ have announced an update to their award-winning Prime media player, the SC6000. With a new and improved 10.6-inch touch screen, WiFi and ethernet internet connectivity for streaming as well as the new version of their Engine OS media player platform, the SC6000 builds on what was a landmark launch for Denon DJ a few years back with the Prime range.

Previous features like a slot for SATA hard drives, dual-layer ability to output two tracks from one deck – with separate RCA outs for each layer - the 8.5-inch jog wheel with a central screen, eight performance pads and what Denon call 'best-in-class' time and pitch stretch algorithms. The new player also has a feature where you can preview tracks without loading them on the deck, directly from the browser. 

Engine OS – the software that runs on the SC6000 – continues to offer on the fly analysis, where files that aren't previously organised through Denon DJ's Engine prime software can be analysed for key, bpm, waveform and more on the fly. Information is then saved to the stick or media so no computer analysis is required. With WiFi and Ethernet internet connection – announced previously – media can be streamed from TiDAL, Beatport LINK and Soundcloud with more to be added soon. 

Denon DJ have also announced the SC6000M, an update to their 5000M which features a motorised jog and customisable seven-inch real vinyl platter, with adjustable torque. 

The SC6000 comes in at $1,499 while the M will cost you $1,699.