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Destructo has launched a new music cruise called FRIENDSHIP

Mark your calendars…

Destructo (aka Gary Richards) has indulged dance music fans across the globe with news of his newest music cruise, FRIENDSHIP. The concept is a major move for the LiveStyle (formerly SFX Entertainment) team.

After splitting ways with HARD EVENTS (which he founded) and thus the Holy Ship! concept, the long-time event producer and DJ has confirmed a new EDM festival-at-sea will disembark on Tuesday, 11th December.  The cruise is being presented by newly launched LiveStyle platform AMFAMFAMF.

“There is a place where my friends and I go and we do fun things—the kind of fun things that build everlasting memories that I could never put a price on and I absolutely never could because these times are priceless and irreplaceable,” shares Richards. “At the end when I look back and reminisce about these times I had and the experiences that molded me and watered me enough to grow, I’ll think about all the friends I’ve made along the way and how I am a part of their story and they are more than all my friends. They are all my family. That is FRIENDSHIP.”

AMFAMFAMF presents FRIENDSHIP runs 11th through 15th December. Similarly to Holy Ship! the cruise will disembark from Florida (Miami vs Holy Ship’s Port Canaveral) and will feature multiple private beach parties.  

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