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This device makes any DJ headphones wireless

The Natus One is designed with DJs and producers in mind and claims to offer near-zero latency…

The Natus Labs Natus One is a device that turns any standard headphones wireless and is specifically designed for DJs and producers. In the past, latency and lower audio quality meant that bluetooth headphones weren't suitable for DJing or making music but Natus Labs claim their Natus One device "feels as solid as a cable", with "CD-quality audio" and only 16ms of latency. 

It works by plugging the transmitter into the audio source and plugging the headphones into the receiver as normal, meaning you can still use your favourite wired headphones. The Natus One is on Kickstarter now where there's also a video explaining how it works. It's expected to cost $149 and get in early and you'll have them by March 2019. 

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