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Diplo and Mark Ronson are working on a disco album

It’s the follow-up to his collaborative album with Skrillex…

Diplo has revealed he’s working on a collaborative album with UK producer Mark Ronson, in a recent interview with men’s style magazine GQ.

The follow-up to his last collab LP with Skrillex where the pair went under the pseudonym Jack Ü, Diplo has said the new project with Ronson will focus on disco.

"I've known Mark almost since I was in high school. I met him when I first went to Philly. I taught at a school, and he was classmates with my boss. I went to go see him play Allen Iverson's birthday party at the Palmer, which is an all-black club. I just thought, This guy is cool,” Diplo told GQ.

“Actually, me and Mark are doing a collab album. You know the album I did with Skrillex, Jack Ü? Me and Mark are trying to do something with disco music.”

Diplo also shared his thoughts on DJ culture, EDM and music festivals — which he branded "cheesy" and “not fun” — during the same interview, which took place during Diplo’s recent African tour.

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