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Diplo reuploads 'Bank Roll' without Justin Bieber verse: Listen

The track now includes Rich Chigga...

Diplo has uploaded a new version of ‘Bank Roll’ to his official Soundcloud. The original cut had been removed from the internet on 14th May.

While rumors had spread that Diplo pulled the track due to fan responses, the producer is now clearing up that claim: “[O]ther artists made soundcloud take down the Justin Bieber version because they had exclusives with him, you can find it online here tho cause ¯\_()_/¯.”

During an interview with Zane Lowe, Diplo quipped that “DJ Khaled and David Guetta—one of those guys” had requested the takedown. Diplo has fulfilled the request, replacing the Bieber feature with a new verse courtesy of Indonesian rapper Rich Chigga. The track continues to feature Young Thug and Rich the Kid.

The single follows the secretive release of Major Lazer’s star-studded ‘Know No Better’ EP.

Listen to the new edit below. A download of the original mix had been shared by Diplo, that has since been closed. But, it’s the internet, so a little digging will reveal streams of that version