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Diplo teases return of Major Lazer animated series

The FXX cult classic cartoon could be on its way back for a second season...

Diplo has hinted at the return of the beloved 'Major Lazer' animated series.

The FXX show, which premiered in 2015, took inspiration from the trio's trippy stage visuals and translated it into the world of cartoons, following a freedom fighter in a futuristic Jamaica as he fought demons and smoked a metric ton of weed. It featured a pretty stellar cast, from John Boyega and J.K. Simmons to Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig. It was well regarded, by fans and critics, before its premature cancellation after only 11 episodes. And now, apparently, it could well be on its way back.

Diplo, seemingly working on this on top of collaborating with Shaquille O'Neal and presumably a million other things, suggested via Twitter that the cult classic could make a surprise return with a second season, quotetweeting a fan asking about the show with a vague but promising "coming soon". Whether the show will tie into the upcoming final Major Lazer album, is as yet unknown.

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