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Disclosure and MasterSounds collab on new accessories

The duo has paired up with the UK audiophile company

Dance music duo Disclosure has teamed up with UK audiophile hardware company MasterSounds to create some new branded vinyl accessories. The new kit includes MasterSounds famed vinyl weights featuring the Disclosure faces logo and some new slipmats with the same recognisable Disclosure branding. 

The weights are used to both stabilise the weight of a record, and make it easier to make adjustments to the tempo if a record is drifting out of time. 

The slipmats are also double sided, with one side featuring a ‘Party Mode’, with a colourful version of the famous face. 

There’s a limited run of 50 of each of the collabs, so be quick if you want to add some to your setup. Disclosure recently set themselves up with a full MasterSounds setup for their DJ streams, which kickstarted the relationship. 

Find out more about the new accessories here.