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Disclosure share two new tracks, ‘Etran’ and ‘Expressing What Matters’: Listen

That makes four new tracks in the space of a week from the duo

Disclosure have dropped two new tracks today, 'Etran' and 'Expressing What Matters'. 

After a hiatus away from releasing music, the Surrey-hailing duo have been busy in the studio of late, dropping four tracks in the space of a week. 

The first track to drop was 'Ecstacy', the second was 'Tondo', earlier today Disclosure announced 'Expressing What Matters' (below - featuring a sample of 'Lowdown', a 1976 track by Boz Scaggs) and tonight, 'Etran' has dropped. 

The most recently announce track, 'Etran' is built primarily around samples from Nigerian band Etran Finatawa. The track sees them exploring, in their own words, "How far can we take a sound that's somewhere in the realm of house music, until it morphs into a whole new being?" Listen to 'Etran' below: 

Disclosure will perform their only live show of 2020 at Lovebox Festival in June. 

 Earlier this month, Disclosure dropped a new track with Khalid