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Discover early rave art with new book, Flying Over England

It features more than 150 pages of old rave flyers...

Author Mike Pendegast has launched a new set of books called Flying Over England, charting the history of rave flyers.

The book set will feature more than 150 pages of rave flyers dating back to the late '80s and early '90s, exploring the progression of art and promotion in raves during that period. There will also be stories from his and others' times of raving.

Pendegast has opened a crowdfunding effort in order to fund the book's publication, which you can support here, and where you can also find more information on the project.

There will be a limited run of 500 copies, and the book will be published by Duke’s Editions. 

Late last year, Rave Archive, a website offering a "living history" of the '90s rave scene, was launched. Last year also saw the release of a book called Beyond Heaven: Chicago House Party Flyers From 1983-1989. That book offered an insight into classic Chicago house music and parties through the rave flyers of the '80s.