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Discwoman team up with Reebok for Sole Fury sneaker campaign

Fresh kicks from the New York crew...  

Discwoman have teamed up with Reebok for a new Sole Fury sneaker campaign. 

The all-female, Brooklyn-based, LGBTQ+ positive collective, artist platform and booking agency revealed the new project on social media last weekend. Pairs will be available to buy from 8th November. 

"Discwoman started by highlighting people we saw innovating their own sound splitting from what was expected. Our project continues to evolve through staying open to innovation," an Instagram post said. 

"Hopefully it can show a wider audience what we do and inspire others that you can create your own jobs if you push hard enough against all odds," Emma Burgess-Olson, AKA Discwoman co-founder Umfang, told Billboard

Founder Christine McCharen-Tran, added: "We've been wearing Reeboks since we were kids and to have a global brand amplify our story is something we're really grateful for. To see women and femmes creating a business our own way and working together to build creative economies is powerful." 

Techno and footwear have long been happy companions. Recent examples include the Roland and Puma collaboration from July, which introduced the world to trainers styled on the famous TR-808 drum machine. Meanwhile, Adidas released a 'rave proof' version of its München line last September.