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DJ Deeon launches crowdfunder following string of serious medical issues

"Invest in creating more music, more experiences, more opportunities to do what I love, and most of all, to keep the music playing"

DJ Deeon has launched a crowdfunder following string of serious medical issues.

The Chicago house pioneer has launched the crowdfunder after the effects of poor health and a loss of income due to the coronavirus have caused the DJ, real name Deeon Boyd, to face financial hardship.

Detailing his bypass surgery, cancer chemotherapy, and the amputation of his leg, Boyd shared in more recent years that he has suffered a series of mini strokes, leaving him unable to tour.

"Fast forward six months and here we are," Boyd said on the fundraising page. "The COVID epidemic removed any chance of earning from gigs, the state took away my disability benefits long ago due to me earning from touring and the minute royalty checks just about covered my outstanding bills.

"Im not one to ask for help - it doesn’t sit comfortably with me -  and i believe you should never get something for nothing so here I am offering to you what I can. Unreleased remixes, Back Catalogue Material, Exclusive Merch, Video messages, Remixes you name it."

So far the page has raised over £7,000. You can donate to DJ Deeon here.