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DJ Mag: diversity & equality report Q4 2021

Our quarterly update following our pledge in 2020, addressing how we can tackle racism and diversity issues within the electronic music industry as a publication

Community support

In Q4 2021, DJ Mag partnered with Youth Music for our annual Best of British awards. Youth Music fund youth orientated music projects across the UK including groups dedicated to supporting young people from Black, POC & LGBTQ+ communities, as well as many other causes.

As part of this collaboration, a limited edition piece of Best of British merchandise was released with all profits going to Youth Music. This project is still ongoing and you can read more about that here.

As part of the digital announcement of the Best of British award winners, DJ Mag selected Young Urban Arts Foundation for the Innovation & Excellence award. This was for their work with young people, and their recent YUAF Futures project created to specifically help 16 to 19-year-olds from Black, Asian, minority ethnic and LGBTQIA communities as well as disabled teenagers, and those living in poverty.

We will be announcing further Community Support activations and projects as they are confirmed in 2022.

For anyone that would like to discuss working with us re: community support initiatives please email [email protected].

Business practices

Our Q3 2021 Diversity & Equality report was published across our digital channels in September 2021. As a business, we continue to meet on a regular basis to discuss D&I activity and activations as well as review the short-and long-term aims of our pledge. We will be encouraging our franchise partners to follow our lead in adopting D&I initiatives and invite them to engage with our efforts. We continue to give free print and digital advertising to causes that support Black and non-Black POC community projects currently to the value of over £100,000. This commitment to free advertising is an ongoing part of the business, including our digital campaigns.

Editorial standards

Our commitment to use our print and digital platforms to push forward our focus on D&I continues, with a diverse range of artists from across the electronic music community featured via all our channels.

Our work on our editorial tone and language is ongoing to better reflect the changing contemporary terminologies within Black and LGBTQ+ music, including genre and subgenre names.

Our video team continues to create our DJ Mag Originals content, including our How I DJ, How I Made, The Story Of and Meet the MC series. Each features a diverse range of artists.

Series playlists can be viewed at the links below

Live events

In 2022 we will be moving forward with the return of our live events, and will continue working with artists and club/promoter partners to ensure all events consistently support Black, non-Black POC and LGBTQ+ artists.

We also continue to use our streaming platforms to champion artists from a diverse range of backgrounds.