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DJ Mag to partner with AZ Magazine creative fund to support Black LGBTQ+ creatives

We will be supporting a selected creative for a dance music-focused project


DJ Mag will partner with AZ Magazine creative fund to support Black LGBTQ+ creatives.

Over the past five years, AZ have created a self-funded, award-nominated online community. Since it’s birth in 2015, AZ, founded by four queer Black women, has developed into an online publication and social space, as well as event organisers, for LGBTQ+ people of colour.

Now, AZ have created a fundraiser with a target of £20,000 for Black LBGTQ+ creatives to continue to amplify voices within journalism, where Black media outlets, and platforms centering QTIBPOC can often be overlooked in the conversations about race and gender.

With over £15,000 raised already, AZ will use 50% of the funds to maintain the magazine, pay LGBTQ+ content contributors, provide online and physical spaces for AZ Hub events, cover expenses, and look to expand AZ outside of London. With the remaining half of the fundraising efforts, AZ Magazine will create a fund for 10 Black LGBTQ+ creatives.

Awarding 10 individuals with £1,000 each, the fund will enable creatives to create a piece of art, and tell a story and amplify their voice through their chosen medium.

DJ Mag has teamed up with AZ Mag to support one selected creative, and will be providing sponsorship for a dance music-focused project. We will be utilising our industry network and platform to provide mentorship and resources for the grantee, in line with our pledge to continue supporting Black artists and creators in the music industry.

Information regarding applications will be available soon. You can find out more about AZ Magazine here via their Instagram page, and donate to the fundraiser here.