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Charlie Small
23 March 2022, 20:22

DJ Mag partners with Spotify for Miami Music Week live stream

The open-deck show will be broadcast from Miami on Thursday

Spotify's Noteable x DJ Mag at Miami Music Week

DJ Mag has teamed up with Spotify's Noteable to present a livestream during Miami Music Week.

The show takes place at Spotify's pop-up Miami studio on Thursday 24th March and will be broadcast on DJ Mag's YouTube Channel from 16:00-20:00 ET.

The stream will run in an open-decks format, featuring artists including Noizu, Camden Cox, Steve Mac, Nostalgix and more. 

Noteable is Spotify's global hub for behind-the-scenes music professionals, such as songwriters, producers and publishers. Comprising a microsite, newsletter and social channels, Notable is a one-stop-shop for people in these industries to find information on Spotify's back-end products and services and connect with other industry professionals or creatives.

Alongside the website, Spotify's Noteable video series provides vital information covering copyright, sync licensing, royalties and payouts, alongside step-by-step guides showing best-practise for getting your music playlisted on Spotify.

Watch the DJ Mag x Spotify Notable Miami Music Week live stream from 16:00-20:00 ET on Thursday 24th March 2022 on DJ Mag's YouTube Channel.

Check out Spotify's Noteable here.