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April Clare Welsh
5 February 2024, 14:25

DJ Nobu and Wata Igarashi announce split fabric Originals single: Listen

The pair are also due to play a b2b set at London’s fabric London on Saturday 2nd March

photos of Wata Igarashi and DJ Nobu side by side

DJ Nobu and Wata Igarashi have linked up for a split fabric Originals single.

Out 23rd February, the collaborative release unites Nobu's track 'Flares' with Igarashi’s '泡 (Abuku)', which is named after the Japanese word for 'bubble'. The partnership came about during "a chance meeting" in Tokyo after Igarishi had been booked to play Nobu's much-loved Future Terror party.

"My intention behind the production of the track, 'Abuku' was to make a timeless techno track incorporating a bit of my personal image of UK vibes," said Igarashi. "Ironically, I wanted the music to be somewhat more crisp, sharp, and driving." Meanwhile, speaking about Nobu's 'Flares' cut, he called it one of the artist's "best tracks up to date."

"I am honoured to have the chance to work with fabric, which I have always deeply respected and looked to from Japan. It is a chance for me to connect with a wider audience of music lovers," added Igarashi, who dropped one of our favourite albums of 2023 in 'AGARTHA' for Kompakt.

Pre-order the split fabric Originals release here and listen to clips of both tracks below. 

DJ Nobu and Wata Igarashi have also announced a b2b set at London’s fabric London on Saturday 2nd March. Pick up tickets from RA here.

fabric Originals won in the Breakthrough Label category at DJ Mag's Best of British Awards 2023.