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DJ Nobu appeals directly to Japanese government for club and venue compensation amid coronavirus pandemic

He also had a seperate meeting earlier this week with three politicians

DJ Nobu has appealed directly to the Japanese government for club and venue compensation amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Chiba-born techno DJ and producer, DJ Nobu, alongside several anonymous volunteers, have made an appeal regarding finanical compensation for clubs and venues impacted by the coronavirus in Japan.

Making the appeal to the Chief Cabinet Secretary, Yoshihide Suga, the move follows a meeting between Nobu, the volunteers, and three Japanese Communist Party politicians: Akira Koike, Yoshiko Kira, and Manabu Terada.

On Twitter, DJ Nobu shared that after the meeting: "A press conference following this, the Chief Cabinet Secretary said, 'We are considering urgent measures to maintain employment and business continuity and taking drastic measures to restore economic activity, and we will assist those who have difficulty in business continuity as much as possible.' But did not reach a promise of compensation."

Read the Twitter thread from DJ Nobu below.