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DJ performs on a 100-metre high wind turbine

The set took place in association with Neversea festival, which “aims to become the world's first music festival powered almost entirely by green energy” by 2020...

A DJ has performed on top of a wind turbine for the first time ever.

Alex Parker, who also performed on the main stage at Romania's NEVERSEA Festival last year, was the DJ that pulled off the stunt, playing on top of a 100-meter high turbine in Europe's largest land-based wind park: CEZ Group's Fântânele-Cogealac-Garden Wind Farm, which is based in Constanta, Romania.

The stunt was to raise awareness of NEVERSEA's aims for 2020 to become the world's first music festival powered almost entirely by green energy from a wind source, something which they hope to achieve with the help of the CEZ Group. Work is currently underway to implement the infrastructure required to pull off such a feat next year. For the festival's 2019 edition, the area controlled by CEZ will be the first 100% green area of ​​the festival. It will be fully fueled with renewable energy and will also encourage recycling through selective waste collection and through replacing disposable plastic cutlery and cups with glasses and recyclable items.

"CEZ & NEVERSEA is an example of good international practice that shows that two companies in totally different industries can achieve extraordinary results together by pooling resources that really turn into ideas and courageous initiatives to contribute to protecting us and the environment in the medium on a long term," said NEVERSEA Head of Partnership Bogdan Rădulescu.

Alex Parker, the DJ responsible for playing on top of the wind turbine, said: "I am very happy to be part of a movement to promote unconventional energy, our planet is at a critical point and we need as many open-minded people as possible to support such an initiative. The sensation was unique, I could see the sunset as I did what I loved the most, it was simply incredible and hard to open in words."

Parker performed on top of the turbine for a total of five hours, while the equipment for his set was lifted onto the turbine via a crane. 

This year's NEVERSEA Festival will take place in Constanta from 4th - 7th July. For tickets and ufll line-up details visit the festival's website