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DJ sets world record for the highest ever DJ set at 5593 metres above sea level

Trance DJ Genix set the record

A Trance DJ has set the world record for the highest ever DJ set at 5,593 metres above sea level.

Anjunabeats affiliate Genix, who'll perform at Manchester's Warehouse Project for the label later this month, has set a Guinness World Record by DJing at Everest Base Camp.

The record was confirmed yesterday (11th) following the climb in April this year, with the DJ taking to social media to break the news.

Genix, real name Damion Houchen, wrote that highest DJ set had been accepted, thanking the Sherpas, Everest guide Saligram Aryal, and his friends who joined him on the climb.

See the post below.

Earlier this year, Paul van Dyk’s wife took the PvD flag to the summit of the highest point in Europe.

In April, a new world record for the largest b2b DJ relay was set in Manchester.