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DJ shares detailed account of playing at Berghain

Mord affiliate Lag documented his visit to the club...

Serbian DJ Lag has shared an in depth account of his experience playing at Berlin's famous Berghain nightclub.

In a Reddit thread, Lag described his experience of playing at the club in detail, mentioning that in the past he had been rejected as a party go-er three times on the same night. 

"I guess some people associate the Berghain personnel with a certain form of tension, probably because they are afraid of the bouncers, but I can assure you everyone I've met who works there is just super nice, friendly and forthcoming" Lag shared, speaking on the hallowed club, "One of the guys working there even wished me good luck in my own language which usually means nothing to me but for some reason impressed me and got me a bit emotional me this time. As for the back rooms and offices - I'll leave that to your imagination."

"Playing Berghain was a dream come true" he added, "It was literally the last thing off of my bucket list so now I gotta come up with new goals to chase. Thanks Obama. It was everything I expected it to be - and more. Hope to be back soon!"

Read Lag's full account here. Check out our in-depth interview and mix with Lag from last year here

If this isn't enough, you can also experience a Berghain recreation in Minecraft.

Earlier this year, Airbnb offered a 'Make your own Berghain outfit' experience.