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DJ Snake announces he has new music on the way

The producer is back from his social media blackout...

Having taken a break from social media and cancelling a couple of shows, DJ Snake has today announced that he has new music on the way.

The French-born EDM producer hasn't released any new music of note since his debut album, 'Encore', last summer.

Since then, he's been pretty quiet on the production front and instead has been touring relentlessly across the world playing headline sets at a variety of festivals.

Alongside the announcement, the EDM star shared a video containing some staggering facts about his meteoric rise.

Since bursting onto the scene his music has been streamed on Youtube more than 4 billion times, he's racked up 3 billion streams on Spotify and has sold a staggering 28 million tracks on iTunes.

There's no date for when his new music will be unveiled but don't be surprised if there's new DJ Snake in the next couple of weeks.