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DJ Wawa mixes latest edition of Finn and Local Action's Mixtape Club series

It's the eighth instalment of the free mixtape series

DJ Wawa mixes latest edition of Finn and Local Action's Mixtape Club series

Finn and Local Action have shared the latest instalment of their Mixtape Club series, which comes from New York's DJ Wawa.

The mix, which clocks in at almost two hours, is the eighth instalment of the Mixtape Club series. Subtitled 'From Fumiya To The Jacking Zone', it was recorded in the second room of New York club Good Room, and is the first live mix that DJ Wawa has shared online.

Speaking about the mix, Wawa said: "Big up to the Good Room and big up to the Carry Nation. This is mix is part of a performance in the Bad Room on Feb 12, 2022. A perfect example of some 100% pure Wawa. Genre hopping off the bat, stitching together DNA from track to track telling a story through the tunes. From Fumiya to the Jacking Zone.

"The Bad Room has all the tools to be an all-out party and on this particular night I was set up for success. Building the dancefloor dancer by dancer until it feels like they're bouncing off the walls. They shared their curiosity with me and I was able to share my gratitude with them and I think what came together is one of the most electric vibes I've ever been in control of. It's important to feel connected to the dancers in your city!"

The mix includes tracks by the likes of Larry Heard, Gemini, Yu Su, Shed, LCD Soundsystem and more. You can check out the mix, and find a full tracklist, here.

Established in 2021, Mixtape Club is a semi-regular free mixtape series in which six DJs are invited to contribute mixes each year. Each act is paid £150 to plan and record a dance music mixtape, with no fixed format and no set rules. They are also given a £150 budget to create original artwork to accompany their mix, in collaboration with a visual artist or designer of their choice.

The mixes are made available free online, though people can donate to the concept via a Patreon. The earnings are split up between the DJs who contribute. Previous instalments of the series have come from Club Fitness, Sicaria Sound, and Facta & K-LONE, among others.