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Sasha, CosminTRG, Alex Metric & more...

Following last night's shocking news that fabric's license has been permanently revoked, DJs around the globe have taken to Twitter in support of the iconic London venue. 

DJ Mag has gathered together some of the most poignant responses to the tragedy — the ongoing effect that fabric's closure will have on the UK's nightlife should not be understated. 

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, key industry figures — including Alan Miller, Alex Proud and DJ Mag's own, Martin Carvell — plus the owners of fabric have also responded, you can read all of their statements here, plus a selection of DJ statements below. 

London's music culture at the mercy of people who think higher BPMs, not weak drugs policies, cause deaths in clubs. Horrific. #FabricReview

— NTS Radio (@NTSlive) September 7, 2016

DJ Mag will be liveblogging through the day to give updates on the aftermath of the decision. Get involved using #FabricReview, and don’t forget to join our #SaveOurClubs campaign.