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Eats Everything, Josh Butler, Steve Mac & more talk the new Native Instruments tech

A host of respected DJs have commented via twitter on Native Instruments' new Stems technology, following a feature printed in DJ Mag this month. 

The feature, that you can read here, saw long-standing DJs Uner and Steve Mac (of Rhythm Masters) lock horns over the ethical issues associated with Stems, and whether the groundbreaking technology could spawn a spike in the plagiarism of tracks.

Now Josh Butler has taken to Twitter to call the technology "very frustrating," particularly for producers who "spend hours/years locked away in the studio" to craft their tunes. 

Eats Everything also chimed in, tweeting, "Got it! I'm not into this people pretending to be producers when they aren't..."

Next, Denmark's Noir piped up, saying, "I'm trying to become friends with this but i'm not there yet....."

Before Woody offered up this hilarious retort: 

Steve Mac also commented that he was behind the idea of using Stems for remixes, but not to create original tunes.

What do you think about NI Stems? Join the conversation on the DJ Mag twitter