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DJs set new world record for largest b2b relay

182 DJs participated in the b2b...

DJs based in Manchester have set a new world record for the largest b2b relay, last Thursday 18th April.

An astonishing 182 local DJs took part, significantly higher than the 160 hoped for, each coming with one pre-selected track they had to declare before arriving to prevent duplicates. Each subsequent DJ then cued, mixed, and faded out their track. The DJs who participated include DJ Luke Unabomber, ex-snooker professional Steve Davis and Human Traffic actor Shaun Parkes. 

Manchester nightlife promoter Daniel Williams commented: "Manchester is a hotbed for electronic music, with so many incredible DJs, promoters and nights emerging from the city. Coupled with such a rich musical history, I just felt that it was right that this world record should be attempted here."

The event took place over 11 allotted hours, between 11am and 10pm, and smashed the previous record held by Australian music publication Stoney Roads, who fielded 147 DJs. It also raised money for Greater Manchester homelessness charities Share Tanzania and Mustard Tree.