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This Documentary Explores Istanbul's Thriving Vinyl Culture: Watch

The Vinyl Factory investigates...

Istanbul has a thriving vinyl scene if you know where to look.

Luckily, The Vinyl Factory is here to help — they’ve crafted an excellent mini-documentary that charts the highs and lows on digging in the Turkish city.

“Music back in ’70s Turkey was made with flair and spirit, drawing on Western psych, disco, rock as much as Eastern traditions and folk,” explains the film’s description.

“From Analog Kültür to Bomonti Flea markets, there are plenty of places to dig in both the Asian and European sides of Istanbul – watch our film to find out where.”

It’s part of series from the FACT Magazine affiliate, and also includes similar shows from cities like Hawaii, Bangkok and Lisbon.

The perfect watch for a lazy afternoon — watch Vinyl Culture: Istanbul by The Vinyl Factory below.