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The door to Berlin techno institution Tresor is now an exhibit in a new museum

“This object truly reflects Berlin’s eventful history.”

The original entrance to techno club Tresor is being immortalised as an exhibit in a new museum.

The Humboldt Forum is a new museum in the Berlin palace which will open at the end of 2019, where the legendary venue’s door will be on display among artefacts that celebrate Germany’s rich history, including mosaics from the Holy Roman Empire.

The Humboldt Forum said: “The door reminds us of the pulsating party culture of the 1990s and symbolises the city’s free spaces, which gave birth to a lively cultural scene.

"This object truly reflects Berlin’s eventful history.”

Originally the door to safe-deposit boxes to a department store on Leipziger Straße, the building was demolished in 1955, only for Tresor to occupy the space in 1991 after the reunification of Germany.

The name 'Tresor' is taken from the German word for "safe", as a result.  

You can now buy a limited-edition calendar that includes an illustration of the legendary club in its original location alongside other techno clubs in the city.

This week, Tresor's record label are reissuing Jeff Mills' seminal 1994 LP, 'Waveform Transmission Vol. 3'.