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Double Door in Chicago has been forced to close after 23 years in business

Floating Points was due to play in April...

Double Door in Chicago has been forced to shut its door after 23 years in business. 

Located on Milwaukee Avenue in the Windy City, the much-loved club was due to host Floating Points in April and had previously hosted legendary rock acts including The Rolling Stones, Kanye West and Kings of Leon.

Staff were reportedly given just 24 hours to vacate the building after being locked out of the club for weeks before the official closure was announced. 

The locks were changed following a legal dispute between the club's owners and their landlord, after owners failed notify the landlord that they wanted to renew the lease.

A financial appeal was actioned shortly after but was never paid, resulting in the club's eventual shuttering.

A Double Door staff member said: “We were always current on our rent, in spite of what has been reported and is generally believed.

"We chose to take the high road and not comment during legal proceedings and lease negotiations. Everything that [landlord] Brian Strauss says is a lie or meant to manipulate the situation in some manner. You just don't kick out a tenant of 23 years when you have no tenant lined up and your building isn't even on the market."

No news yet what will be done with the former club's site.