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Download a free modular synth module for Ableton

Two popular modules have been turned into Max for Live devices…

Download a free molduar synth module from Mutable Instruments. Forever looking for ways to innovate, Ableton and their users have always provided interesting nd forward-thinking music making tools and now Eurorack module maker Mutable Instruments have ported two of their most popular Eurorack modules to Max for Live.

Clouds and Braids have both been unofficially ported by developer Timo Rozendal via Max for Live, so you'll need the full Ableton Suite to run them.  

For modular purists it's unlikely to turn their heads, but for anyone fascinated by the appeal of modular, but not so intrigued by the price, it could be a great way to get into the ever-growing world of modular synths. Recently, another free service VCV Rack offered an open source take on modular while a new Ableton Sampler insutrment dives deeper into sound design and granular synthesis. Lots to inspire.