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A Drexciya exhibition is opening in Zürich later this month

The exhibition is called 'Bubble Chamber'

A Drexciya exhibition is happening later this month.

Running from November 15th to the 23rd, the exhibtion, entitled 'Bubble Chamber' and organised by Gentrified Underground, will be on show at the Up State gallery in Zürich.

Works from Detroit artist Abdul Qadim Haqq, the artist behind imagery for both electro-techno pioneers Drexciya and legendary Detroit outfit Underground Resistance, will be on display. As well as the paintings, album covers and assorted art from Haqq, there will also be copies of Drexciya's forthcoming mythical graphic novel, The Book of Drexciya, available in limited quantities.

The exhibition will also feature an event on November 16th at the city's Mikro venue, where Drexciya's Gerald Donald will perform. 2010 film Hydra Decapita will be screened, the first in a trilogy of films which "uses the imaginary world in the concept albums of Detroit based techno duo Drexciya to comment on globalisation , capitalism and climate change."

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In October last year, Tresor announced a string of classic techno reissues, including albums from Drexciya, Jeff Mills and Robert Hood.