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Dubspot DJ and production school accused of fraud

55 students have accused Dubspot of not delivering on classes they paid for...

Dubspot, the NYC and LA based DJ and production school, has recently come under scrutiny among accusations of fraud and non-payment from both students and teachers, as first reported by THUMP.

55 students have reportedly accused Dubspot of not delivering on classes they paid for in advance, some of who have not seen refunds or received any communication whatsoever. These accusations come as rumors of erratic behavior from Dubspot CEO Dan Giove flourish.

Giove’s decision to open a second location in Los Angeles without strong financial backing could be at the root of Dubspot’s problems. Despite strong opposition from employees, not to mention an already oversaturated market, in 2014 Giove decided to move ahead with the new location.

Even some ex-instructors were issued a raw deal by Giove. Mike Henderson (a.k.a DJ Endo) was given audio gear as a replacement for payment, an evident sign that funds are low with the school.

As of recently, both school campuses have closed doors but are still registering students online.

If you’re in LA or NYC and bummed to miss out on this semester’s Dubspot classes, considering taking a production class somewhere more tropical.

Aman Ellis is DJ Mag’s USA Digital Staff Writer. Follow him on Twitter here.