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Dyson’s £749 air-purifying bluetooth headphones go on sale in March

The UK appliance giant wants your headphones to filter noise and pollution while on to go

Dyson’s £749 air-purifying bluetooth headphones go on sale in March

Dyson's first-ever headphones now have a UK price point and sale date.

First announced in March, the Dyson Zone noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones will come with a price tag of £749 when they become available in March 2023, the Independent reports

For the hefty cost, Dyson claims the detachable nose and mouth piece can filter 99% of pollution particles in the air and provide up to 50 hours of audio-only battery life. Dual usage of the air filter and headphones will lower the battery life to four hours on a low purification setting. 

The earpieces house motors that vacuum up particles like pollen, bacteria and dust, though Dyson says the Zone is not capable of filtering viral airborne particles like Covid-19. 

The headphones will first go on sale in China in January, with the UK, Ireland, US, Hong Kong and Singapore to follow in March. 

Learn more about the Dyson Zone from Declan McGlynn's March news story, and watch the promo video from the initial announcement.