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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
14 December 2023, 14:16

EasyJet founder is suing DJ Easyfun for 'mimicking' airline's brand

“It’s very obvious that it’s meant as a joke"

EasyJet founder is suing DJ Easyfun for 'mimicking' airline's brand

easyGroup, the parent company of brands including easyJet and easyHotel, has started a trademark infringement case against electronic music producer and DJ Easyfun. 

The artist is accused of "mimicking easyGroup's famous branding to create instant brand recognition for his DJing business," according to a statement released by the corporate giant. PC Music, the label behind much of the artist's work, and its owner A.G Cooke, are also named as defendants in the legal proceedings. 

Easyfun's 2015 EP, 'Deep Trouble', has caused particular concern due to its depiction of what easyGroup describes as a "serious air crash". "Not only is artwork such as this in bad taste but an association with such a tragic event risks seriously damaging the reputation of easyGroup's trade marks, in particular easyJet," a statement reads. 

Easyfun, real name Finn Keane, has responded to lawyers instructed by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, easyJet and Group founder. "If your client is annoyed at some of the artwork or images that they think mimics the easyFamily get up, that has always been completely tongue in cheek... It’s very obvious that it’s meant as a joke and I really struggle to understand why your client has any reason to be concerned about it. 

"That said, I obviously don’t want to be stuck in a legal dispute with a big company like your client and so I have removed the examples in your letter where I can and will seek to avoid similar artwork in the future," he continued. At the time of writing, the cover art for 'Deep Trouble' has been changed. You can see the original artwork below.

It's the second time this year that easyGroup, acting on behalf of easyJet, has taken action against musicians for a similar infringement. English indie rock outfit Easy Life also found themselves on the wrong side of the company in October. "For those of you who bought gig tickets and ended up on a budget flight to Tenerife, I apologise," the band said in a statement confirming they intended to change their name.