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EDC organisers considering major changes, including moving the festival's date

"No decision has been made"...

During a live stream on Instagram, EDC founder Pasquale Rotella discussed a range of changes that might happen to Insomniac's flagship event, Electric Daisy Carnival.

What those changes might be, he didn't really say, but one change that has been mooted has been moving the festival to a date when Las Vegas' heat isn't quite as pervasive.

“I’ve explored lots of date options, but no decision has been made,” explained Pasquale Rotella to the Las Vegas Review Journal. “We could end up on the same date in June, but we’re exploring the possibility of moving.”

Over the last few years, Las Vegas' unbearable temperature has become a real problem for festival goers who have experience dehydration, heatstroke and in a few rare cases even death.

That's why a lot of EDC takes place late at night as it's a great deal cooler in the evening time.

There's also the need to navigate the Speedway's schedule, where the festival is hosted, who also run events throughout the year.