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Electronic music album made using black hole data set for release

The album will be released in December via Ash International

An electronic music album made using black hole data will be released later this year.

Titled 'Mikromedas AdS/CFT 001', the album is the work of Dr Valery Vermeulen, an electronic musician, physicist and mathematician, who is also a guest professor at Ghent's KASK & Conservatorium School of Arts and Master ArtScience Den Hague. 

The album is part of Vermeulen's ongoing electronic performance series, AsS/CFT, which uses "data stemming from space and deep space and astrophysical simulation models". It focuses on the quest for a general theory in physics that could unite quantum physics and Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

"With this series new ways are explored to integrate various new emerging paradigms and phenomena," Vermeulen said. "A central role in this series is provided by black hole astrophysics and their associated numerical simulation models. But also other objects such as white holes, neutron stars, white dwarfs or ideas coming from various quantum gravity theories such as loop quantum gravity or holography are key elements for the realization of the several pieces within the AdS/CFT Performance Series".

Previous works from Vermeulen include 'OGLE2005BLG390Lb', which presents "a possible voyage from earth to the exoplanet OGLE2005BLG390Lb situated near the center of our Milky Way, Sagittarius A*".

The album will be released via Ash International on 3rd December 2021.  

In December last year, scientists picked up a mysterious radio wave emission from a nearby star, which is now under investigation by the Breakthrough Listen project, a team searching for life in space.