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Elektron announce new FM hardware synth: Watch

The Digitone follows on from the Digitakt as a more affordable Elektron synth…

Elektron have announced a new eight-voice multitimbral FM synth called the Digitone. Featuring a multimode filter, two assignable LFOs per voice, multiple FM algorithms and Elektron’s famous sequencer including their parameter lock mode, the Digitone allows users to sequence up to four synth tracks and four MIDI tracks at a time.

Priced at £699, the effects have been carried over from the Digitakt including panoramic chorus, saturated delay and supervoid reverbs on either sends or returns. The unit is fully Overbridge compatible for control from your DAW and features guest presets from Mark Fell, Blush Response, DivKid and more.

If you're budget can't stretch to the Digitone, but you're still keen for some FM tones, Korg's Volca FM might be for you. For software folk, Arturia's latest V-Collection includes the classic Yamaha DX7.