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Elon Musk throws 9000-person rave at Berlin Tesla Factory

He was also in attendance at the event himself

Elon Musk recently threw a 9000 person launch party to open the new Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin.

The event reportedly had a festival element to it, featuring live music from techno DJs, as well as dance and some large-scale stage design to host the performances.

There was also a large-scale lighting set-up, as well as arcade games, giant balloon robot figures, arcade games,Tesla accelerator ride-alongs and a ferris wheel. You can get a feel for the festivities via one attendees' post, capturing the scene before it all officially started, on Twitter below.

Musk attended the event himself, even offering attendees some broken German when he got on stage to address everyone. During his speech, he answered questions about the new Gigafactory, various Tesla-related developments, and the new GigaBier alcoholic beverage, which it plans to sell out of the new Berlin factory. 

"We're aiming to start production in a few months, basically, November or December, and hopefully deliver our first cars in December," Musk told attendees. "But starting production is kind of the easy part. The hard part is reaching volume production."

In March 2020, Musk spoke of his desire to establish his own "mega rave cave" under the Gigafactory once construction had finished on the project.

He also had his EDM track remixed by Sven Väth later in 2020.