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E.M.M.A’s Producergirls workshop reveals Kickstarter campaign to fund UK expansion

They need £2000 to help expand across the UK...

E.M.M.A wants to take her free Producergirls workshops nationwide next month, by launching a Kickstarter page to fund the series' ongoing expansion across the UK. 

Launched last year, E.M.M.A teamed up with software creators Image-Line (the brains behind popular production program FL Studio) and tech giants Ableton to host free music production classes for women in London. Alongside E.M.M.A herself, fellow Producergirls crew members include Glasgow-based artist Nightwave, P Jam, Explicit and Hyperdub’s Ikonika.

“We’ve done three workshops in London (including one at the Tate Modern) and another in Glasgow, since the start of 2016. We don’t have any funding as it’s just been self-starting, direct action with a few like-minded producers," E.M.M.A. writes via the Kickstarter page. 

"It’s a skill sharing, supportive environment for girls who want to learn but have not yet had the opportunity, funds or connections to do so.”

“In order for it to continue and get outside of London around the UK and make a real difference to the game, we need this Kickstarter to help cover costs of taking it around the country.Our next planned event is in Manchester on October 21 and we'd like to get to other cities, as well as keep momentum going in the cities we've been to.”

The collective is looking to raise £2000 to expand outside the UK capital with rewards for backers including goodie bags, stickers and lots more. You can become a backer for the project here or visit the Producergirls website for more info.