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DJ Mag USA is headed to Costa Rica this week...

Words: Charley Rogulewski || Photos: Adam Straughn and Diana Bartos

Envision Festival is quite unlike any other festival out there. Maybe you’ve heard that said before, but this is the real deal. Nestled along the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, on a simple walk under the fest’s jungle canopy you might come across a guy dancing to a DJ set with his surfboard tucked under his arm, a giant moving hug - 8 people's arms-interlaced in a circle - walking from the Giving Tree to the yoga tent, or a local carrying a giant jackfruit - a sort of rainforest fig on steroids - to The Village workshop area so everyone can indulge. This festival is as generous as it is adventurous. Adventurous in the sense that just to get to Envision alone, it’s a 3-hour drive from the country's main airport in San Jose; generous in the sense that you leave a better person than when you arrived. 

DJ Mag USA went last year and is going back for is what is now Envision’s seventh year, just days away - 23rd February through 26th February - in Uvita, Costa Rica. And it’s really no wonder why this eco-friendly grassroots festival - where most of the stages are built from bamboo and compostable materials - has made it this far at all. People will travel far to get here, even the DJs, because once you arrive it's like finding the X on a treasure map. Among the 2017 headliners are Chicago future house trio Autograf, New Zealand’s Opiuo, South African duo Goldfish and Canadian femme fatales Blond:ish, among others. There are unplugged and roots rock sets too, an epic annual sunrise set from fest staple Random Rab that’s not to be missed and plenty of yoga workshops. Not to mention, waterfalls to jump off, beaches to surf, fire dancers and ariel silk performers galore; a visual spectacle to go along with the four-day eargasm. We could go on, but we’ve already told you too much, for now at least. We really don’t want to give away too much about this hidden gem. Part of the fun after all, is finding out for yourself. 

View this year's stacked line-up below. 'Envision' yourself at this year's event by checking out the 2016 aftermovie below along with the gallery of photos.