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Evian Christ will play three raves in a strobe-lit shipping container

Featuring 'euphoric trance, UK hardcore and bouncy house'...

Evian Christ is partnering with audiovisual artist Emmanuel Biard  for three shows, held on November 16, November 30 and December 15, which will take place inside a shipping container somewhere in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle.

Presented by Seven Store, each performance is able to hold 50 people, chosen from those who text 0044 777 677 0707 to apply. The trailer for the project - titled ‘CONTAINER: Welcome To Hell’ - promises a soundtrack of euphoric trance, UK hardcore and bouncy house set amongst smoke and strobes.

Speaking in a press release, Evian Christ explained the endeavour: “The story of this event is the history of containerised global sea-freight.”.

“The story of a country with an unsustainable and ever-widening trade deficit; of a city whose industrial sites were replaced with monuments honouring the speculations of international financiers; and of a culture which services this ongoing state of affairs by holding itself accountable to an unsolvable set of moral values.”

“Please come in expectation of experiencing something akin to the final scene of Danny Boyle’s Sunshine, in which the protagonist (you) becomes consumed by the sun, but with the promise of a better soundtrack and a less fanciful plot.”

Successful entrants will get a text message with the location 24 hours before the show.