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Marissa Cetin
20 February 2024, 15:17

Exhibition championing Black and LGBTQI+ creatives in dance music curated by SHERELLE and fynn studio

The London music force and art curation collective present an audiovisual installation — featuring Nia Archives, Loraine James, Roska and more — at 180 The Strand next month

Photo of two dancers standing in a venue under to lightbulbs
Credti: DeLovie Kwagala

London art curation collective fynn studio and SHERELLE are putting on an exhibition that celebrates Black and LGBTQI+ artists, activists and creatives.

The audiovisual installation move/003 will run at 180 The Strand's Dazed Space from 1st March through the 9th. It'll present works by photographers Teddy Dally, Tristan O’Neil and DeLovie Kwagala and digital artist Professor Wrecks, accompanied by recorded conversations with musicians Nia Archives, Loraine James, Roska and SHERELLE. The audio will later be shared via Spotify's GLOW hub.

"...With move/003 we’ve taken the chance to flip our ethos with a very focused take on the individuals of a community of artists that have been a part of the BEAUTIFUL music initiative that SHERELLE has been running since 2021", said fynn studio founder Kobi Prempeh, who was also behind the 2019 Saatchi Gallery UK rave exhibition Sweet Harmony. "...It has served as such an important opportunity to celebrate these individuals as both artists and more importantly, as people. move/003 is speaking to and representing audiences that are not heard or seen enough within major art venues, and it’s been an honour to work on creating something different."

SHERELLE's BEAUTIFUL platform will host a music production workshop with HAAi on 4th March. Those interested in attending the workshop, in which the Australian producer will also discuss her live performance set up, can sign up here.

The exhibition is a collaboration with Dazed magazine, AIAIAI and Spotify. BEAUTIFUL previously partnered with AIAIAI to open a free community studio in London last year and to present move/002 in 2022. 

Earlier this month, SHERELLE released the 'Henry's Revenge' single on Hooversound, her label with NAINA. The 6 Music host is about to wrap up her "cheap and cheerful" SHERELLELAND tour in Paris this weekend. 

Back in 2020, Ben Hindle spoke to SHERELLE as she was preparing her next moves to be a force for positive change in UK dance music and beyond. Revisit the cover story here