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Fabric announces 13 new residents for 20th anniversary

Mantra, Jay Clarke, Anna Wall, Imogen, Voigtmann and more join the Farringdon fold... 

Fabric has announced 13 new residents for its 20th anniversary. 

Club stalwarts Terry Francis and Craig Richards will remain at the centre of the London venue, while a host of fresh names are being drafted in. 

Friday bi-weekly FABRICLIVE will welcome Cimm, Mark Dinimal, Fish & Sherry S alongside DJ Mag jungle favourite Mantra. Meanwhile Forms, the new in-house party that kick starts every other weekend, now comes with Jaden Thompson, Lindsey Matthews and Tommy Vercetti. 

The flagship Saturday sessions will bring in the much-lauded Imogen, heavy techno type Jay Clarke, rapidly rising star Voigtmann, Needs-founder Bobby and Anna Wall— the latter no stranger to this magazine