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fabric becomes “world’s first” nightclub-in-residence at Museum of London

The partnership kicks off on 25th October with a performance by Turner Prize-winning artist Tai Shani


fabric has teamed up with the Museum of London to create the “world’s first” nightclub-in-residence.

The residency will launch on 25th October with a one-night-only performance commission by Turner Prize-winning artist Tai Shani, titled My bodily remains, your bodily remains, and all the bodily remains that ever were, and ever will be. (Down, skin, pelt, vellum, alert tangled roots, subcutaneous flesh, subterranean blind life). The performance includes a live score from Shani's long-term collaborators Maxwell Sterling and Richard Fearless aka Death in Vegas.

The partnership arrives as the Museum Of London prepares to up sticks from its longstanding home of London Wall to General Market in West Smithfield, across the street from fabric, with the move taking place on 4th December. 

The Tai Shani performance is the first in a series of collaborations between fabric and the Museum of London. In 2024, the Museum will celebrate fabric's 25th anniversary with an exhibition looking at how the iconic club has shaped London nightlife.

“From DJ EZ to Jossy Mitsu, fabric has been at the forefront of the international electronic music scene for decades. As we embark on our exciting new journey, we are thrilled to join forces with fabric – our soon-to-be neighbours and one of London’s most iconic cultural spaces," said Sharon Ament, Director of the Museum of London.

"fabric are thrilled to be teaming up with our friends and soon-to-be neighbours at the Museum of London on this new venture and residency," added fabric co-founder Cameron Leslie. "It is a significant moment for us in our journey to establish fabric as a key cultural brand and represents a core milestone for the venue as we move towards our 25th birthday in 2024.”

Find out more about the partnership via fabric's website here.