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Facebook want to take control of the Aux cord with new app

Aux lets users 'vote' for what songs to play next 

Facebook has launched a new app called Aux. Currently in beta and only available in Canada, the new app is the first creation of Facebook's new experimental NPE team, and works by users adding songs to the app, which are then up-voted Reddit-style with 'claps'. 

"The app is aimed at school-aged kids and teens who join a party in the app every day at 9 PM. They then choose the songs they want to play and compete for the 'AUX' to get theirs played first. At the end of the night, a winner is chosen based on how many claps are received," says the NPE team. 

While this particular app is aimed at teens and is described as a 'DJ for your school', with Facebook Music forever threatening to launch, it could be an insight into some of the features coming with the long-awaited new music service. Would you trust Facebook with the aux cord? We've all seen Zuck at the rave...