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Into The Factory Festival cancelled after “struggle” with police

The Swedish authorities continue to crackdown on dance music events…

Swedish festival Into The Factory has been cancelled due to what promoters called a “struggle” with the authorities.

Promoters Music Goes Further took to Facebook to post a statementthat stated, "Police strikes down on festival permit and forces cancellation."

Sweden has notoriously been tough on dance music events, with these promoters particularly feeling the brunt of the crackdown.

“Making dance events in Sweden has always been a struggle,” said the promoters. “Battling with the police and other authorities eager to make our culture an example on the local war on drugs.”

Those ticket holders wanting a refund might have to wait until 2018 for a full refund or use their tickets at two other festivals, Castle 2018 in Cape Town and Into the Valley 2018 in Rummu.

See the full statement below.

Aman Ellis is a USA Digital Staff Writer. Follow him on Twitter here.