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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
4 April 2024, 13:02

Faithless confirm new music is on the way

Sister Bliss and Rollo made the announcement on social media, direct from their studio 

Faithless confirm new music is on the way

Faithless have confirmed they have new music and more live shows on the way. 

The UK dance music icons made the announcement on social media, explaining that after the sad death of frontman Maxi Jazz in December 2022 following a long illness, the surviving duo of Sister Bliss and Rollo have continued to record material. 

"As so many of you have noticed, we're back... Some shows have already been announced but we couldn't start the summer without a little personal note," the message read. "Maxi died just over a year ago and obviously we miss him every day. Thank you for all your kind words of support over this last year. It has really, really meant a lot. 

"In the meantime, we never stopped (couldn't stop, never wanted to stop!) making music. Even during Maxi's long illness we recorded and released 'All Blessed', and now finally, eight years after our last live performance, we are returning to festival stages," they continued. "We will also be releasing new music; we are, in fact, in the studio as we write this." 

In February, Faithless confirmed plans for their first live show in almost a decade at Camp Bestival this August. The show is billed as an "homage to Maxi and a celebration of all that is wonderful about the genre they redefined" through landmark releases such as 'Insomnia'.

In their new post, Faithless wrote that the new shows will be "special": "A celebration of our past, our musical loves, of the man himself and, of course, our musical future."

Further dates have since been unveiled, including Oxfordshire's Wilderness Festival, Glastonbury, and Elbjazz in Hamburg, Germany. Last month, Sister Bliss shared the video to her new solo single, 'Dancing With You', which she describes as "a slice of shimmery Balearic-inspired Sueño euphoric house."